Dasein, Red Elephant.

Kerouac and the Navy

pmaher-340-Kerouac450.jpgsmJack Kerouac20.jpg

"A decade before On the Road was published, Jack Kerouac evinced "strong schizoid trends" that led military officials to declare him unfit for service..he landed in the hospital, where he was examined by medical personnel who initially concluded that Kerouac suffered from dementia..."

From Kerouac's medical record:

"Patient states he believes he might have been nervous when in boot camp because he had been working too hard just prior to induction. He had been writing a novel, in the style of James Joyce, about his own home town, and averaging approximately 16 hours daily in an effort to get it down.This was an experiment and he doesn't intend to publish. At present he is writing a novel about his experiences in the Merchant Marine."

Last year's news. But if you're a fan of Kerouac, the silly diagnostic barbs might be worth a quick read. Link

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