Dasein, Red Elephant.

Elephant Links: Malamud, Rorty and Po-mo

Superflat Monogram (detail), Takashi Murakami (2003)

Along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, Malamud, who died in 1986, was part of a triumvirate of American Jewish writers who dominated the national literature in the 50's and 60's. Malamud won the Pulitzer Prize and two National Book Awards. In works like "The Assistant", "The Magic Barrel" and "The Fixer" he borrowed from myth and folklore and transformed the stories of ordinary Jewish lives into moral fables.

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An interesting post over at Posthegemony talks about Douglas Oliver's Diagram Poems. In a radio interview from 1999, Douglas Oliver commented on the separation between mainstream and experimental poetry: “If you write poetry from a different point of view, you run the risk of falling in the gutter."

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An January 2006 article by Rorty that was published in vol.3 of Kritikos, an international and interdisciplinary journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image. This short piece from Rorty is written in his usual, accesible style and is definetly worth a quick read.

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A nice little page that clearly delineates the distinctions and differences between modernity and post modernism. This site is primarily dedicated towards socio-cultural dimension of postmodernism, through the theories of Baudrillard, Jameson, Benjamin and Lyotard.

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