Dasein, Red Elephant.

Elephant Links: Moleskine, C Theory, Writing Tools

Le Dejeuner Sur l’Herbe, Edouard Manet (1863)

A website that explores urban planning, architecture and its relationship to communities and social conditions. Latest articles explore the landscapes of metropolitan Dubai and the surburban sprawl of Southern California’s Antelope Valley. (tags: websites)

Moleskine are little black notebooks and diaries that have been the notebook of choice for many famous writers and artists such as Van Gogh, Chatwin, Hemingway, Matisse and Céline. I never did have one of those, but they sure do look good. Yummy. (tags: websites writing)

An intriguing piece by Menachem Feuer on the shift from modernist to postmodernist forms of criticism. “Benjamin tells us that criticism must change and the model for this change is the advertisement ” (tags: theory)

An absolute must-read for freelance writers, journalists or anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Includes very helpful practice assignments. (tags: writing)

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