Dasein, Red Elephant.

Elephant Links: Rhetorica, Nabokov, Fukuyama

The Cock Fight, Jean-Leon Gerome (1848)

A collection of links to Professors who keep an active blog. Methinks this is a good opportunity to explore the strange species that is the academic. If you find an interesting blog, let me know! (tags: blogs)

“The greatest literary influence upon Kafka was Flaubert’s. Flaubert who loathed pretty-pretty prose would have applauded Kafka’s attitude towards his tool.” (tags: literary)

Excellent site, includes exercises on starting to write, effective writing, revising, proofreading, and types and genres of literary and academic writing. Super for college students! (tags: writing)

An nice little website where artists post their drawings of literary figures such as J.D Salinger, T.S Eliot, Herman Melville and Aldous Huxley. (tags: websites)

Fukuyama predicts that “one of the consequences of a perceived failure in Iraq will be the discrediting of the entire neoconservative agenda and a restoration of the authority of foreign policy realists.” (tags: reviews)

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