Dasein, Red Elephant.

Elephant Links: Ecological Disaster, Lament, Moore

Tiger Hunt, Eugene Delacroix (1854)

Baudelaire, who was a great admirer of Delacroix, wrote about this work:

“Delacroix, an alchemist of color, miraculous, profound, mysterious, sensual, awesome: explosive color and subdued color, a penetrating harmony. The gestures of man and animal. The scowl of the beast, the snufflings of animality.”

An excerpt from this wonderful book where Borradori talks to European intellectuals, Habermas and Derrida about Terrorism and the signifance of 9-11. (tags: theory)

“It may seem impossible to imagine that a technologically advanced society could choose, in essence, to destroy itself..but that is what we are now in the process of doing.” (tags: reviews)

“If I’ve learned anything from hanging out with the Eastern European dissident crowd, it’s make no decision out of fear.”. I loved the fact that Sterling read a poem by Carl Sandburg at the end (tags: news)

Second part of the The Beat’s interview with Alan Moore on V for Vendetta. (tags: writers)

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