Dasein, Red Elephant.

CUBE and Existentialism

Exit, does it Exist?


It’s all the same machine right. Pentagon. Multinational coorporations.The police! If you do one little job. You build a widget in Saskatoon.The next thing you know, it’s two miles under the desert, the essentialcomponent of a deathmachine.I was right! All along my whole life I knew it.I told you Quentin. Nobody’s ever call me paranoid again. We gotta get outof here and blow the lid of this thing.

Holloway, you don’t get it.

Then tell me, please, I need to know.


It’s maybe hard for you to understand, but there’s no conspiracy. Nobodyis in charge. It’s a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a masterplan.Can you grasp that? Big brother is not watching you.


What kind of fucking explanation is that?


It’s the best you´re gonna get. I looked and the only explanation I can come to is that there is nobody up there.


Somebody had to say yes to this thing.


What thing? Only we know what it is.


We have no idea, what it is.


We know more than anybody else. I mean somebody might have knownsometime, before they got fired or voted out or sold it. But if this place ever had a purpose, then it got miscommunicated or lost in the shuffle. This is an accident, aforgotten propetual, public, worksproject. Do you think anybody wants to ask questions? All they want is a clear conscience and a fat paycheck. I mean, I lead on my desk for months. This was a great job!


Why put people in it?


Because it’s here. you have to use it or admit it’s pointless.


But it is pointless!


Quentin… That’s my point.

Philosophical References

I see Holloway as the voice against Existentialism.
I see the Holloway in all of us.
Holloway is our liability to Reason, to wax Fatalism over our own meaningless Existence.
Holloway is Absurd due to her hunger for reasonable-ness from an Existence that cannot feed her with it.
By believing that ‘Pentagon. Multinational coorporations, The Police’ is responsible for her plight, she is succumbing to a bout of Bad Faith, thus, renouncing the control she can have as a free being.
Holloway’s way is indeed, hollow.

Worth asserts that Freedom is not as primary to Man as we would like believed.
What we really want is, Comfort and happiness, which many of us would gladly trade Freedom for; without hunger, without the pangs of conscience. To quote Radiohead, Fitter, happier, more productive pigs in a cage on antibiotics.
Worth understands that we are nothing but atoms, pieces of dusts, darting around space, aimless; gone wrong like always, like before.


Transcendentalism in freak folk: Devendra Banhart

I came across Devendra Banhart while scavaging thru Insound for downloads couple of years back; when Kai(redelephant) was the only contributing member of this site. (God knows where the bugger went, please let me know if you have any remote information leading to his whereabouts coz we miss the guy terribly!)
The Body Breaks is one of the earliest tracks i’ve heard and needless to say, i was hooked. It struck me as something out of a late-6o’s vinyl, what with that stalking, blues-folk riff fingerplucked in elastic time and trembling trembling nasal lilt ;somewhat Nick Drake-ish(pardon my musical inexposure, i was just a wee nymph then… any folk-guitar-and-vocals combination would immediately be followed by exclamations of ”so Nick Drake!’ or ‘how Elliott Smith!’  however, my opinion did change after exploring Bryter Layter) but, with a spook vibe, raw, surreal and intensely refreshing due to his unconventionally uncompromising philosophy of being able to ‘write and sing shit about anything and everything'(forgot the source, was a long time ago). Ay Mama from Niño Rojo is a searching, ruminative chant which somehow evokes a sense of mysterious spiritual well-being. The Black Babies, an early ep, is possibly recorded on a four-track analog recorder as warm overtones and an all-too-apparent tape hiss is detected.
Has modern music lost its magic to Digital Audio Workstations, over-mixing/producing, and the click-track monster?
Is fluidity in rhythm seen as a technical deficiency on a musician?(Hey if that’s really the case then Rubato should not be listed  in the musical dictionary of italian terms, right?)
How about the loudness war? Does amplitude equates aptitude?
As artists/musicians, are we afraid to
‘live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life’
to seek from the eclectic soul an individual vision of  beauty born from necessity;
much like Banhart, a musical-Thoreau.
Or would we prostrate to pre-concieved industry standards and hex our masterpieces with mindless VST plugins, metronomes and  a whole plethora of digital processes.
Indeed, it’ll be sad to learn that
when it came time to die, to discover that I had not lived.’

Oscar Wilde and Greek Love

I am uneasingly alarmed by the ratio of straight to gay men in the creative industry. As a young bisexual female fed on disgustingly Asian values seeped with messages of  filial piety and self-less procreation,bringing home the dude who’s gonna make Ma proud seems somewhat like a task.
Oscar Wilde, the great Victorian poet and playwright, notoriously known for his appetite for young renters and his highly volatile relationship with Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, wrote in De Profundis ‘ I am a born Antimonian. I am one of those who are made for exceptions, not for laws.’  According to ‘The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde’ by Neil McKenna, the Antimonians were ‘ a sixteenth century sect of dissenters who believed they were God’s chosen people, the elect, predestined for salvation, and consequently they were not bound by conventional moral laws’.
The term ‘Greek Love’ was also coined by Wilde with reference to male-to-male romantic(and sexual) bonding practiced in Ancient Greece. Legend has it that Ganymede, a beautiful Trojan prince was abducted and anally-raped by the god Zeus and then kept as his catamite.
Indeed, it is hardly surprising  that a man with seemingly divine brilliance like Wilde  should also covet ‘divine’ pleasures.
Pederastic bigot in some delusional bubble of grandeur?
Does it mean that, according to Wilde’s gospel of ‘The Love that dare not speak its name’, the majority of heterosexuals(Unchosens) are damned to  sordid, mundane existences since their tastes and habits are less than ‘evolved’?
Is that why I’ve never met a guy who wants to jump my skinnies and knows his art history at the same time?
I guess i’ll stick to Andre Raffalovich’s theory- that a hetereosexual’s destiny is to make babies whereas a homosexual should channel his sexual angst and abnormalities to nobler pursuits like Art!!!
As always,  i’ll  go like ‘bummerz..’ whenever i’m stalking out some cute gay artist/musician/model’s facebook profile…..